I can help in the process of writing, advising on story, structure, characterisation, research, flow, stakes management - anything you feel your writing needs attention. I can step in during planning, writing or editing to help you clearly articulate the story you want to tell. 


I have facilitated workshops in writing for young people and adults. Recent workshops include for pvi collective and CIA studios, Perth Institute of Contemporary Art, Warnbro Highschool, Rackingham Arts Centre and Express Media Tracks: Perth Pop Up Festival. 

I offer one-off or series workshops on the following topics:

Writing for solo performance: Have an idea you’d like to perform? It could be performance poetry, a story, some stand up comedy, a skit, an entertaining rant. I'll take you through finding your voice, the process of writing your ideas down, crafting and editing, then taking it from page to stage. Learn the basics of story structure and lots of writing tips and tricks. Learn to self edit and also give constructive feedback in a one-on-one or group situation. Work towards creating a stage or film-ready presentation.

Write Your Life: Have a story you want to tell? If you have always wanted to tell your own tale, be it for storytelling, the written page, performance poetry, or an un-put- downable letter to pass down to your children, this workshop will take you through the steps to write engaging true stories that reach out and touch your listeners, and readers. Adaptable to forms and experience level of participants, the workshop is suitable for memoirists, poets, storytellers, and personal essayists, to help draw out our own personal mythologies, family folklore, and intimate histories. Participants will receive feedback, and will leave with a finished piece of work and a plan for a series to follow up with.

Solo performance and dynamic storytelling techniques: You've written something worth sharing; or you've got a presentation, monologue, or public speech to make. Give your performance that memorable polish by throwing out your notes and engaging with your audience. Learn how to perform your work aloud; build your confidence and improve your writing. Attendees will learn techniques to give nuance and dynamism to their performance; help them learn lines, vocal warm ups, avoiding monotone, and develop body language to do some of the work for them.

Ekfrasis: Learn to use creative writing as a tool to respond to visual art. A hands-on approach through the portal of visual arts to build skills in creative responses using language. This workshop start with examining and validating your sensory, intellectual and intertextual impulses about other people's work – getting it out of your head and into a creative response. You'll produce something creative quickly, and develop skills in breaking down 'blank page' fears, getting out lots of ideas and not getting attached to one idea, but finding something that you could develop further.

Articulating your practice: Writing biographies, artist statements and grant applications can be nerve wracking. Writing about yourself and your arts practice is hard, but this practical workshop makes it clear and easier. You'll leave with handouts, examples, and drafts of an artist statement, practice statement, and knowing what the difference is between them. Know when to mention your influences, when to leave art jargon at the door, and where to list all your past relevant experience. Developed by Finn O'Branagáin and Anna Dunnill. 

private tuition

I can work one-on-one with people who are interested in developing their planning, writing, editing, or performing skills in a concentrated capacity. I work with young people or adults, on a specific project, or on skill building in general. I'd be happy to develop a program tailored to your needs.